Awen, the Celtic term for "inspiration," embodies the essence of our mission. We firmly believe that the power of inspiration can awaken heightened emotional awareness and understanding. It has the potential to induce a positive ripple effect in our world.

Our inspiration stems from the profound experience of awe and its profound impact on mental health and emotional well-being. Over the past decade, research into positive emotions has revealed awe's transformative effects on both the mind and body. Awen has seamlessly integrated with the emerging XR (Extended Reality) revolution, offering an approach that promises to reshape the mental health landscape. We're committed to employing innovative digital technologies, including XR, AI, Biofeedback, and more, to continually evolve and enhance solutions that support emotional well-being in both the digital and real worlds.

Our vision is to make this experience accessible to everyone, including clinics and clinicians. We aim to equip individuals with tools for emotional self-regulation and mental clarity, addressing the challenges of everyday life. Our goal is to leave those who use our product with a profound sense of calm to carry with them throughout the day. We are passionate about exploring the future of mental health in our digital age, where a VR headset, soon to be as prevalent as the mobile phone, can offer solace and relief from anxiety and stress to people of all ages.