Virtual Reality is the most transcendent of today's technologies. It has the power to transport you to new worlds and experiences like nothing else. It also has the power to create instant and absolute presence. We will use this deep presence to evoke awe and take your mind on a journey into a new world to alleviate anxiety and stress. We are creating experiences which you can use on any VR headset and immediately begin your transformation.

Our VR experiences will open your eyes to feel something greater than yourself. It will open your mind to feel something new, and lose the sense of your own reality, to experience an overwhelming sense of what we call “radical calm”. Only fifteen minutes are needed to change your headspace and create a better sense of well-being. Transform through our experience from feeling overwhelmed and anxious, to reassured and relaxed.

Awen's VR environments are built upon extensive research and scientific principles, firmly rooted in the fundamental mechanisms that induce positive mental states through interaction with virtual reality.

To cultivate states, such as calm, relaxation, bliss, empathy, serenity, attention, optimism, and even enlightenment, users embark on a transformative journey. You begin by entering a state of presence, akin to the pinnacle of meditative practices and experiences achieved during meditation or specific psychedelic journeys. Subsequently, you transition into a state of awe, inspired by encountering something greater than yourself, a "perceived vastness."

We are about to launch our first product "Oizys" specifically tailored towards alleviating anxiety.