Awen grew from in-depth desk research on emotions and their intricate role in mental health. The team's focus soon honed in on the concept of awe, drawing insights from renowned experts in the fields of positive psychology and emotions.

The subsequent phases revolved around the meticulous process of building, testing, and refining. This journey has been significantly influenced by user testing and invaluable feedback from experts who have been instrumental in shaping Awen's evolution.

Under the guidance of Professor Dario Krpan, a study at the LSE Behaviour Lab delved into the intricacies of Awen's impact, adding a layer of academic rigor to our exploration.

Currently, they are running an N-1 trial in a Scottish addiction rehabilitation clinic, further demonstrating the real-world impact and potential of Awen.

Awen's scientific journey is marked by continuous growth, collaboration, and the unending pursuit of harnessing technology to positively impact mental health. Join them as we unveil the incredible discoveries that continue to shape the future of emotional well-being.